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The Death On Brown Street” follows a Detective named Joe Elmer who the player plays as, investigating a crime scene at a run down, old and messy diner by the name, “Charlie’s”. The world is set in a 1950s Urban American location with a “noir” esque style to the environment where core assets, clues and objectives are coloured, however the majority of the environment outside of this is black, whites and shades of greys.


Mouse and Keyboard:

Mouse - Camera
WASD - Move
E - Interact
Ctrl/C/X - Crouch
Esc - Menu


Controller Joysticks - Movement / Camera

X / Y  | Square/ Triangle - Interact

B - Crouch

Start - Menu

Note: This is a Student Project made by a large group of Animation students and a small group of Audio students.

- Anthony Bullimore (Trimester 5 Animation Student), 

- Taylah Mclennan (Trimester 5 Animation Student),

- Peter Oliver (Trimester 5 Animation Student), 

- Kuda Mateta (Trimester 5 Animation Student), 

- Jed Casey (Trimester 5 Animation Student),

- Jarrod Mayor (Trimester 5 Animation Student), 

- Josh Maddison (Trimester 3 Animation Student), 

- Jordan Abbott (Trimester 3 Animation Student),

-  Lionel Lewis (Trimester 3 Animation Student),

- Kaelan Woolfrey (Trimester 3 Animation Student),

- Trent Curtis (Trimester 5 Audio Student),

- John Feltham (Trimester 5 Audio Student).


TheDeathOnBrownStreet.zip 376 MB

Install instructions

1. Unzip File.

2. Open Executable.


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Nice project. Any chances for a sequel? :) 

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

Thank you so much for playing, and making a video of the gameplay! We hope you enjoyed it. You may see a sequel in the future, we will see how we go. We are all nearly done with our course, so maybe a larger project!


A larger project sounds enticing. Good luck finishing the course! :) 

Nice atmosphere. Volume seems way too quiet compared to any other media on my computer.

Also not sure whether it's possible to go back to car before getting all clues and getting alternative ending.

I’ll go ahead and up the audio of the project tomorrow and update the game. You have to get a minimum of 5 core clues before you have the option to finish. The prompt on the right side is just to tell the player where to go at the end :)