A downloadable game for Windows

You are Huisman - a lowly mechanic working on-board the Space Station ‘Inveniet’. As you were completing a routine maintenance check on the ship ‘Nuco 4’, an asteroid collides with the station. It shatters the docking bay and sends multiple ships hurtling towards the planet orbiting below. You are knocked unconscious in the chaos.

WASD - Move
E - Interact
C - Crouch
F11 - Fullscreen

Install instructions

1. Unzip the compressed file.
2. Run SunkenSky.exe


Sunken Sky.zip (385 MB)


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you should make the full game because this was amazing I made a video if you want you can watch it and feel free to sub for more videos thanks

watch video here:

Thanks so much for the feedback and the Video! I'll definitely check it out!

DAM IT i expected more, the game super short but cool. make full game!!!!dfsdrsdfsdf

It was a 13 Week project made by 6 Animation Students for a Studio unit! First time we all used Unreal 4.

you guys killed it!

Thanks so much for the feedback! Hope you enjoyed it.